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We are an association of parking operators, land owners, local authorities, city councils, property managers, structural engineers, shopping center managers, architects, accountants, and commercial brokers.

The GPC is a statewide organization created to enhance the development of parking professionals within the State of Georgia; to provide a forum in which Georgia State parking professionals can network, share and disseminate information specific to the parking industry, and to speak with a united voice.

The GPC is dedicated to increasing the knowledge of our colleagues and improving the quality of service to their constituencies. The Georgia Parking Coalition has been highly successful in sharing information and providing a local network to parking professionals in virtually every area of the State.

  • Legislative: Keeps members informed of proposed or current legislation which impacts the industry.

  • Education: Source of up-to-date industry information on standards, equipment, and trends. Shows Georgia parking professionals the cutting edge of current industry technology.

  • Networking: Visibility, dialogue, and problem-solving by the members working and operating in Georgia.

  • Diversity: Information for all Georgia parking professionals, large and small municipalities, hospitals, universities and colleges, and airports and transportation.

  • Social: Spend quality time with other parking professionals.


Through fostering partnerships with individuals and organizations involved in the parking industry, the GPC is dedicated to keeping members informed about current parking issues while continually opening new lines of communication to all members.

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